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Yuri Kapilovich, CPA

Tax writer

Yuri Kapilovich is a down-to-earth tax expert with over a decade of experience in some of the largest firms in the country. After his experience in the bigger firms with some of the wealthiest clients in the U.S., he launched his own firm in August 2021, Kapilovich & Associates, LLC, with the goal of changing the perception of the quintessential accountant into something that belongs in the year 2022: A fun, relatable, CPA who relays complicated tax topics in easy-to-understand English.

The key focus of everything Yuri does revolves around adding value at every step of the way. He launched The Capital Contribution podcast, which dives into the minds of relatable entrepreneurs who took the leap from their W-2 jobs into the world of self-employment.

Yuri also writes easy-to-digest tax tidbits for Smart MNE and provides some tax tips on LinkedIn. Follow his journey on LinkedIn, on the podcast—and don’t hesitate to reach out on LinkedIn.

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