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About Us

Who we are

Smart MNE (pronounced money — don’t overthink it) brings you next-level personal finance education in a way that excites and motivates as much as it informs.

When it comes to money, you already know your … spreadsheets … so we’ll skip the introductions and get right to those complex matters you find yourself pondering in the shower (we know you’re intellectual like that).

Founded in 2022, MNE is dedicated to equipping you, the ambitious professional, with the tools and knowledge to make astute decisions for securing and enjoying your wealth. We’re new to the scene, and we’d love for you to spread the word if you like what you see…er, read.

Expect new pieces of content every day that speak to money-charged decisions you’re facing: From deciphering life insurance policies to identifying the best credit cards that’ll get you a transatlantic flight in a lay-flat seat, our deep bench of experts across the investment, tax, compensation, and travel spaces are at the ready to help.

And you can trust us as far as you can throw us. We’re powered by Financial Edge, the firm that the top four investment banks trust to teach their new hires.

Editorial guidelines

Our editorial team reads the IRS code for sport, so you can rest assured that we like rules around here. We’re dedicated to accuracy and clarity in all of our content. Conflicts of interest and poor ethics have no place at MNE. We follow the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

Meet the team

Toni Shindler-Ruberg

Editorial Operations Strategist

Toni Shindler-Ruberg is the editorial operations strategist at Smart MNE. She also helms the brand’s weekly newsletter.

Tanza Loudenback, CFP


Tanza Loudenback is a writer and editor specializing in personal finance. 

Austin Delery, CFP


Austin’s aspiration in life is to incite personal finance with enthusiasm and candor, and to break away from the commonplace of personal finance being a life impediment.

Tony Dong

Investment writer

Tony is a finance and investments writer specializing in providing commentary and analysis on portfolio management, asset allocation, and factor investing strategies.


We wish we were aliens, because maybe then we wouldn’t make mistakes. For as long as we’re in our humanoid corporeal forms, we’re dedicated to righting our wrongs swiftly and transparently. If you think you’ve spotted an error, send us an email at [email protected].


We might earn revenue from referring you to trusted financial products mentioned in our content. It’s through this revenue that we can provide free content to all the ambitious professionals out there (including you). Revenue-generating links will always be clearly demarcated.

Contact us

Share feedback, comments, suggestions, or a simple “hiya” at [email protected]. A human is reading and responding.

Want to write for us?

Think you have a story that might interest our audience? Pitch us at [email protected]. If you don’t hear back within five business days, you can assume that we’ve decided to pass.

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