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These home office essentials will make working a little more bearable

  • 5-min read

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Here are some home office essentials sure to make the work day work for you.

Make the workday work for you with some of the best home office products that’ll make you want to spend your day hunched over a desk.

The beauty of working remotely is the flexibility to figure out the best home office setup for you and your routine. Here’s a list of some shiny new home office products that will further elevate your experience. At the very least, hearing the delivery person drop off your packages will give you a much-needed boost of serotonin.

Man crouches in tiny modified closet space saying, "This is a bathroom and a home office."
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Elevated ergonomic products

My orthopedic doctor recently told me that my spine is—and I’m using official medical terminology here—“really screwed up,” a diagnosis she attributes to my poor typing posture. Here are some ergonomic products designed to keep you from turning into me. 

Computer or laptop stand

Your spine probably looks like a banana right now. Not-so-fun fact: Your neck takes on 10 pounds of strain every inch your head tilts forward so get a computer stand to properly align your monitor and reduce strain. 

This French Etsy shop features beautiful wooden computer stands, including this one with pleasing curves and built-in drawers. If that’s not in the budget, try this metal monitor stand or this adjustable laptop stand. IKEA’s Bräda laptop support gets an honorable shoutout because I’m a sucker for Scandinavian design and fun names. 

Lumbar support

Apparently your lumbar is important for a bunch of things like your overall spine health, or whatever. 

Check out this luscious, customizable leather work throne, this budget mesh-back chair, or this mesh-back chair with armrests. You can also upgrade your current chair by adding adjustable mesh support, an extra-support lumbar pillow, or a vented mesh lumbar cushion.

Standing desk (or converter)

I’m sorry to report that while sitting is amazing, experts say that the best office workspace setups incorporate sitting and standing.

If you have the money and space, full send with a convertible standing desk like FlexiSpot’s standard electric standing desk or Branch’s highly rated desk. This wooden mid-century convertible desk by West Elm is straight from my weirdly ergonomic-focused dreams. Or, opt for a standing desk converter like this pared-down wooden converter, this spring-loaded one, or this converter with plastic and wood options.

Optimize your organization

As international organization sensation Marie Kondo oh-so-elegantly puts it, “Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination,” so make sure you match these office organization products with an accompanying mindset.

Desktop organizer

If you deal with a lot of paperwork, you know it’s 2022, right? 

There are countless options to sort through the stacks, from this Amazon bestseller, this sleek white set, this marbled green organizer, this laser-cut wood option, or this minimalist walnut tray. Start sorting stacks of paperwork and before you know it, you’ll be counting stacks of paper (money).

Cord keepers

Now, this is an easy one to overlook, but at the end of a long day, I am one tangled charger away from a mental breakdown.

Stick cable clips like these or these to your desk or wall and keep your phone charger separate from your 17 other chargers. If you have a monitor, try this cable box with a wooden lid to keep larger cords organized and out of sight.

Rolling storage

Even with all the 10-minute workouts I do, it’s still a struggle to move wheel-less furniture around. … OK, maybe I don’t workout, but rolling storage is still the most convenient option and a home office essential.

Open carts force you to keep everything nice and tidy, like this cart with a lid or this colorful cart. If you have clutter (or secrets) to hide, opt for a drawer-style cart, like this sleek rolling file cabinet, this bold roller, or this slim set of drawers.

“I don’t need this, but I want it”

Borrowing once again from Ms. Kondo, items should spark joy. And in my mind, sometimes that’s all a home office product needs to do—make you smile. 

Secure an elegant, vibrant, or just plain silly notebook

There’s a time and a place for sleek, monochromatic minimalism. Your notebook doesn’t have to be that place.

The eco-friendly Decomposition brand has a large cult following. All of its products are printed with soy ink on 100% recycled post-consumer waste and boast whimsical prints. I use this shark-print notebook all the time and definitely get the best bite for my buck. If you want a luxurious customizable option, Papier has an array of gorgeous stationery. Whether you’re still in university or you’re a CEO, there’s something especially joy-sparking about seeing your name embossed in gold. 

Self-warming mug

I first found the Ember Mug in 2016, and it’s been on my “I think this product would make you happy, please buy this when you have money” list ever since. At a cool $129.95, the Ember Mug keeps your beverage warm at a pre-selected temperature. Lukewarm coffee is absolutely disgusting, and I don’t want to disrupt my workflow to stumble all the way to the microwave. 

If you want to channel your inner high-tech Tony Stark billionaire, you can connect your Ember products to your phone or Apple Watch for maximum convenience. And if you’re a high-tech billionaire-in-practice, I am graciously accepting donations.

Stupid things to spark joy

I have absolutely no use for this golden giraffe figurine, but I want it in my life. I want to put Gary the Giraffe on my desk and practice my next presentation with him as my audience. This magnetic goose key holder has a similar effect on my brain chemistry (read: positive) as well as these miniature wooden cat statues. If I’m zoning off at work, I’d prefer to stare at something fun instead of the wall.

Ready, set, work from home!

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges, but taking advantage of these home office essentials is a sure-fire way to ease the strain. So type away at your silly little computer surrounded by the newest gadgets, gizmos, and … I ran out of words that start with the letter G, but you get my point. Remember, everything is about balance; not everything in your workspace has to maximize your productivity.

As it turns out, we’re all material girls at heart.