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How to be a baddie on a budget with these luxe moving must-haves

  • 4-min read

Moving sucks, but these luxe moving items can make it a little better.

Young couple unpacking boxes in Shaker-style kitchen.
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Moving can be a stressful time for most people. Boxes are everywhere, your nosy neighbor is wishing you farewell while low key peeping out at your place, and all while you’re cleaning your ass off in hopes of saving your deposit. Whether we like to admit it or not, moving drains all parts of us: our physical abilities, patience, and our bank accounts. However, it doesn’t have to be this hard, friend! Sometimes it’s worth it to be a bougie mover on a budget and spend a coin or two to keep your peace.

Life is too short to be sweaty and stressed on moving days. Luckily, there are plenty of options that can make moving much easier — for a price, of course. Don’t worry! If you budget and plan ahead, you’ll be able to afford these moving luxuries and make your life much easier.

Should I hire a luxury moving company?

Being a bougie mover on a budget isn’t a choice, but a lifestyle. If you’re new to this game, let me explain the number one rule: Don’t you dare lift a finger, honey! Did you know there are luxury moving companies? Well, you do now. Luxury moving companies are pros at handling the finer things in life. Whether the finer things are your furniture, plants, or holding your tears during your emotional goodbye to your old place. Luxury furniture companies are the way to pack your materials and live your best moving life.

Now remember, the taste for luxury almost always comes at a price. The cost of hiring a luxury moving company can run between $600-$1,400 for a local move. If you’re looking to go the distance, that might run you anywhere between $1,900 to $5,400. However, the benefits of luxury moving companies can be priceless. These services can save you time, provide full-service packing, and give you access to secure storage facilities.     

Make moving easier with these luxuries

Moving concierge at your service

Moving is more than just finding a new home and packing a few boxes. It’s months of planning, saving, and searching for the best place possible. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by how many steps you face before you even begin the moving process. Good thing is, you can skip all the stress and hire a moving concierge. A moving concierge can take away stress and potential wrinkles — it’s the perfect skin care regimen! 

A moving concierge will take care of all stages of the moving process: move, home, and lifestyle. Their services include helping you stage your home if you’re selling it, packing, hiring movers, setting up utilities, decorating, finding out school information, and more. Wondering if these services will fit into your boujee budget? No problem! Golden Key Concierge provides a free one-hour consultation.

Invest in specialized boxes

Hiring movers and a moving concierge is nice, but what if some items are too precious for anyone to touch? Like your vintage Chanel sweater you found at a thrift store in Brooklyn. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Well, you can always invest in trustee specialized boxes. These boxes are custom wardrobe boxes with a metal rod inside. Specialized boxes are the best packing boxes! They cost $14 at your local Home Depot and will keep your luxury thrifted items intact. Home Depot moving boxes are the best. They’re heavily constructed and can handle a fair amount of weight. They’re the best moving tool for any closet. No more throwing your items in a trash bag and placing them in the back of your car! We’ve upgraded to better things.    

Furniture or utility dolly

Having the best moving equipment makes moving a better experience. I’m sure it would help to have hot movers come to your house, pick you up while on your couch, and carry you like the queen you are! Sadly, no such service exists (yet) so for now, you’ll have to use a dolly. A furniture dolly can save you from moving that pesky cloud couch from CB2 and an appointment with your chiropractor. Cost usually runs between $10 to $200 depending on what you’re looking for. It’s a must-have moving supply.

I love moving dollies. They can be a cheap moving supply that makes all the difference. You can safely move anything without breaking fragile items. Make sure your items are safely secured before transporting them. Also, consider getting extra help if using your dolly on a ramp. Overall, this lux item will serve you best. Click here to purchase your dolly.

Stair roller

A final must-have moving supply is a stair roller. For all my six-floor walk-up baddies, this is the best moving supply to invest in. It’s easy to attach and use. Simply set it up at the top of the steps, and it will slowly roll your item down the stairs. Stair rollers also have a strong grip, so they roll away anything. Heavy furniture, TVs, bed frames, and even that DIY artwork you did during the pandemic. Unfortunately, they can’t roll away bad sex or baggage — that stuff you’re gonna have to carry on your own or leave it at the door. 

Move on with your bad self!

You made it to the end, and you’re doing amazing, sweetie! I hope these tips will guide you into being the best bougie mover on a budget. May you not break any tears, sweat, or your bank account during this process. Remember, if it gets hard on your own, you always have options! Behind every baddie on a budget is a series of lifestyle blogs that give great affordable tips, so use them. Look into movers, moving concierge, specialized boxes, dollies, and stair rollers.

I wish you the best on your journey. May you and all your thrifted vintage items find warmth in your new home. To new beginnings! 

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