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Are we manifesting a recession?

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U.S. economic updates for the week of June 5, 2022

Studio Kealaula / Unsplash

Reports on home prices, job openings and labor turnover, and payrolls all pointed to a strong economy in April. Still, markets are sliding, and consumer confidence has fallen to a three-month low. Respectfully, WTH?

Part of the reason we’re dreading a recession is that we’re acting like rational doomsday preppers, if such a thing exists:

When recession fears make business investment and consumer spending sputter, aggregate demand goes down, and the economy shrinks. And if the economy contracts for two quarters in a row, we technically have a recession.

Now, all eyes are on the Fed to nail the slowdown of quantitative easing and the timing and magnitude of interest rate hikes.

The big picture

While economic data doesn’t yet substantiate our fears, our minds and hearts might be one indicator of the economy’s hellward direction.

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