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8 summer date spots in NYC that are hot, hot, hot

  • 5-min read

There’s no day of the week that’s off-limits for a date moment. Here are eight of the best summer date spots in NYC.

Overhead view of two people on a date drinking coffee.
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Of course we want to be on the scene with our hot date in only the hottest spots in NYC, but not too hot! We don’t want to be a sweaty mess. Summer date spots should be fun and air conditioner friendly. These hot date spots are going to be your go-to for all things intimacy, photo ops, and fun. Perfect for connecting with that special someone. 

Survive summer dating in the city

To survive summer dating in the city is to plan ahead, and always have an exit plan. Why an exit plan? Well, in case the first spot is flooded with tourists, or your Tinder date isn’t quite what you expected them to be. Spots can also fill up quickly, so it’s best to make a reservation ahead of your scheduled date. 

Here are some of my favorite date night spots. 

8 of the best New York summer date spots

Bar Blondeau 

One of the best views in all of Brooklyn, Bar Blondeau is the perfect place for an intimate date. Enjoy one of their signature cocktails as you watch the beautiful sunset hit the Manhattan skyline. The bar also has a seafood-focused menu with some of the best hard-to-forget dishes. This perfectly located bar is just a smooth trip to Williamsburg. A great area for looking at all the art and history that Brooklyn has to offer. Bar Blondeau is a no-brainer when it comes to hot date spots in NYC.

Comedy Club

Do you and your date just need a good laugh? Why not a comedy club? NYC is known for its lively comedy club scene. You and your date can share a few hard laughs while enjoying a few drinks. Most comedy clubs have a drink minimum. My favorite club is Comedy Cellar located in Manhattan. There is a two drink minimum (even for soft drinks) and strict phone policy. Your phone will be safely secured in a pouch until the show is over. It might be scary to leave your phone behind in exchange for a good laugh, but trust me the show is so good you’ll forget you even had a phone.  

Take a cooking class at Eatly 

Sometimes the best dishes are the ones you cook yourself. Why not join an Eatly cooking class? This is a great ac-friendly date idea when you want to switch things up. It’s also a great excuse if you want your partner to learn how to cook so you can come home to a warm meal for once! I’m not projecting, you are. Classes start at just $75 per person, and can go as high as $125 depending on what dish you’d like to master. Enjoy a yummy meal and possibly a sweet kiss! 

Take a cocktail making class at Liquid Lab 

Okay so maybe cooking isn’t really your thing. Good thing is, you can also join a cocktail-making class. Liquid Lab is more than just your signature sangria, it’s a fancy cocktail experience like no other. Classes are available both online and in person! This can be a great date idea for two or even a double date with friends. Spice up your kitchen skills by learning a new favorite cocktail, while also learning what your date loves to drink. You know what they say, you can tell a lot about a partner by what he likes to drink. Contact the establishment for pricing. 

Treat yourself to Ancient Aire Baths 

Looking for a place where you can avoid people and the noise of the city? You and your boo will have the most relaxing time at Ancient Aire Baths. This magical bath and spa experience will make you feel like a king, queen, or both! Enjoy a soothing couples massage, facials, saunas, and explore the many different baths. Each bath has a different temperature setting and ambiance that is guaranteed to soothe your soul. 

See a burlesque show 

Ready to set the mood? Why not try a hot and sexy Burlesque show? There are tons of talented burlesque shows in the city. You could do dinner and a show at Company XIV or catch a late night showing at The Slippery Room. Each burlesque show is quite the experience with talented acts that will widen your horizon of seduction. This date night experience will be one you’ll never forget. 

Picnic and a movie at Bryant Park 

This is almost the NYC equivalent to a drive-in theater. Watching movies in Bryant Park is an NYC staple. Pack your favorite picnic snacks, some drinks, and a nice cozy blanket for you and your date to cuddle on. Movies vary depending on the night, which can be fun! Choose a random night of the week or multiple nights, and let the movie selection surprise you. This is the perfect date to get cozy and not have the pressure of conversation—aka this date is very social anxiety friendly. This can be a great solo date idea as well. Solo or intimate, enjoy a perfect view of the Empire State Building while watching an iconic movie. 

Brunch at Refinery Rooftop

Did you really think I was going to write this entire article and not mention brunch? Come on now! Nothing says cute like a brunch date, especially at Refinery Rooftop. This rooftop is so chic with an effortless view of the Empire State Building. Enjoy the sweetness of your date, your French toast, and maybe even a French kiss! This is one of my favorite date spots in NYC. Refinery Rooftop is a very popular spot, so I would advise getting a reservation a few days to a week in advance. 

Your date doesn’t have to be the only view you enjoy 

Whether it’s your summer boo thang, casual hook up, or sneaky link, going on a date in NYC is always an adventure. Enjoy your last moments in the sun enjoying the view—and we’re not talking about your date ;).